Knecht Dance Company

Our Knecht Dance Company is a group of dedicated and hard working dancers who wish to take their dancing to the next level. Founded in 2002 by Elise Knecht, the Knecht Dance Company has become an opportunity for dancers to cultivate their talent, travel across the country, and make lifelong friends and memories

The Knecht Dance Company

participates in numerous regional competitions throughout the season including one national competition during the summer. Dance competitions give our dancers the opportunity to travel, make new friends, meet talented artists in the industry, and perform outside our Annual Dance Festival. At competitions the KDC is known to bring home scholarship money, trophies, titles, and many high score awards.


The Knecht Dance Company is NOT just a competition team. Dance is not about winning the biggest trophy and at Knecht's Danceworks we strive to teach our dancers essential life lessons. By joining the company, dancers are able to perform throughout the community- nursing homes, charity events, parades, etc. Our goal is to give back to the community and have fun while doing it! 

There is no audition for the Knecht Dance Company. All students enrolled at Knecht's Danceworks, ages 6 and older are invited to participate. All company members must be enrolled in our company technique class  and are encouraged to take as many classes throughout the week as possible with special KDC discounts.

Company routines are completely separate from recital routines and are choreographed and rehearsed outside of regular class time. Through regular weekly classes and rehearsals, our company dancers work on technique and showmanship more intently. The Knecht Dance Company has proven to become a second family for most dancers and creates a positive and supportive atmosphere. 



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25 Rt. 31 S.

Pennington, NJ. 08534

Located in Pennington Shopping Center

Mondays through Thursdays:

4:30 PM-9:30 PM



9:00 AM-1:00 PM



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