At Knecht's Danceworks, our students', families', and faculties' health are of the upmost importance. As we begin our new 2020-2021 season, we are implementing strict health and safety guidelines so we can all continue dancing in a responsible manner. 

Limited class sizes- As class size reaches capacity (10 students) the class will be closed and new students will not have the option to register for it. For that reason we urge new students to register as soon as possible to hold their space in the class. Once a class fills, we will put prospective students on a waitlist- in case a spot for that class opens during the year.

Social Distancing- In class, students will be designated their own square that they are free to move in. Students will not be allowed to touch other students or another dancers' space throughout that class time. Across the floor combinations will be rare and most dancing will take place in the center of the room. Ballet barres are only used in ballet class. Each student  will be designated their own spot at the barre and that will be their spot for the year. Ballet barres are sanitized in between every class.

Pick up and Drop off- We ask that parents of children six and older, drop their children off at the front door and pick them up at the front door to limit interaction in the studio. Parents of younger dancers may walk their children in, but for the time being we ask that parents do not sit in our lobby or student lounge. 

Masks- Anyone who enters the building, must wear a face covering. All students and teachers will be wearing masks throughout the classes. Dancers will be given water breaks throughout class time and are always allowed to step outside for a breath of fresh air if need be.

*Hand sanitizer is placed in the studio rooms, student lounge, lobby, and hallways. All surfaces are wiped down in between classes and the floor is mopped every night. We are taking our precautions very seriously and ask for patience and compliance from all of our students and families, so that we can have a wonderful year of dance! 

*Please keep your dancer home if they are feeling unwell in ANY capacity.