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Tiny Tots
This program is designed for our youngest dancers ages 3-5 years old. Through these classes, students develop coordination, listening skills, and musicality, all while falling in love with the art of dance. Our tiny tots meet for an hour once a week and learn basic ballet, tap, and tumbling elements. Using songs and games, our dancers learn and grow, make new friends, and have fun.
Our kinderdance program is conducted in the same manner as our tiny tots classes. In a one hour class that meets once a week, kindergarten aged dancers have the opportunity to expand on their ballet, tap, and tumbling skills, or enroll in our NEW jazz, hiphop, and tumbling combination class which introduces new genres in the same positive and safe atmosphere. These classes explore technique and musicality while keeping in mind the dancer's age.
Ballet training is the core of all dance training. Through our ballet program dancers gain structure, improve posture, and work through proper body alignment. In an hour class that meets once a week, students strengthen their control, flexibility, and technique at the barre and across the floor. All ballet dancers, ages 6 and up, will learn proper ballet terminology and history as they explore grace, poise, and joy.
Dancers may enroll in our pointe program after evaluation by our directors. Our pointe students meet an hour once a week in addition to their weekly ballet class. In these classes dancers strengthen their ankles and feet, warm up properly, and increase their technique and flexibility in a healthy manner. Pointe students must be at least 10 years of age and have at least 2 years of consistent ballet training.
Jazz dancing is an exhilarating style that combines attitude and passion with technique and energy. Through our jazz program, students ages 6 and up learn proper warm up, coordination, flexibility, and musicality exercises. As the class progresses, dancers will learn technical elements such as turns, leaps, and kicks.In the 60 minute class that meets once a week, students will implement all they've learned in progressions across the floor and combinations in the center.
Our tap program is incredibly beneficial in gaining rhythm and coordination. Through this 60 minute program that meets once a week , students will learn basic ways to move and create sounds using their feet. As the levels progress, dancers will add more intricate and difficult patterns while improving their timing, musicality, and strength. Tap is a wonderful way for dancers ages 6 and up to work their mind and their body.
This program is a great opportunity for students to let loose and find their groove. In these hour classes that meet once a week, dancers learn how to count and move to current music, while integrating popping, locking, break dancing, and freestyle. Through hiphop, dancers ages 6 and up explore rhythm, coordination, and musicality, while having a blast.
Acro is a combination of gymnastics and contortion elements that integrates the fluidity and grace of ballet, jazz, and lyrical. In our acrobatics program, students ages 6 and up improve their flexibility and strength as they learn how to stretch and hold contortion moves. As levels progress, the class begins to introduce tumbling elements in a safe environment. Acro classes meet once a week for 60 minutes.
Lyrical dance was developed through ballet and is heavily grounded in technical and graceful movements. Through our lyrical program, dancers ages 6 and up have the opportunity to express themselves through movement and share feelings by listening and moving to music. Lyrical classes that meet once a week for 60 minutes begin with proper warm ups and progress to across the floor movements and center floor work. Lyrical students must also be enrolled in a weekly ballet class.
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