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Tiny Tots

Our tiny tots program is perfect for your preschool dancer! Through songs, games, and fun our tiny tots learn the basics of ballet, tap, and tumbling! Our tiny tots classes meet once a week for 60 minutes and perform a tap routine in our Annual Dance Festival! 

Tuesday 5:15 Tiny Tots (ages 2.5-4)

Wednesday 5:15 Tiny Tots (ages 3.5-5)



Our kinderdance program is exclusively for your kindergarten dancer! Much like our tiny tot program, dancers fall in love with dance through songs, games, and fun! As a kinderdance dancer, dancers can choose between our ballet/tap/tumbling combination class or our jazz/hiphop/tumbling combination class...or enroll in both! Both classes perform a routine in our Annual Dance Festival! 

Monday 5:15 Kinderdance (Ballet/Tap/Tumbling)

Thursday 5:15 Kinderdance (Jazz/HipHop/Tumbling) 



Ballet class is an excellent opportunity to learn grace, elegance, and confidence.  Our ballet classes are filled with fun and exciting exercises that help dancers learn proper terminology, alignment, and technique. Our petite and junior ballet classes meet for an hour, once a week while our teen and senior ballet classes meet for 90 minutes once a week. Through ballet class your dancer will learn and grow while falling in love with the art of dance. All ballet classes perform in our Annual Dance Festival! 

Tuesday 5:15 Junior Ballet 

Wednesday 5:15 Petite Ballet

Thursday 7:45 Teen/Senior Ballet 


If your dancer is looking to make music with their feet, then our tap classes are the perfect fit! In our tap classes that meet for an hour, once a week, dancers learn the coordination, rhythm, and technique needed to make intricate sounds and steps with their feet. Tap class is a wonderful opportunity for dancers to work on challenging skills while also having lots of fun. All our tap classes perform a routine in our Annual Dance Festival! 

Tuesday 6:15 Petite Tap

Wednesday 6:15 Junior Tap

Wednesday 7:15 Senior Tap

Wednesday 8:15 Teen Tap




Express yourself through high energy movement and songs while learning the technique and style of jazz dancing. Our jazz classes meet for an hour once a week and focus on the strong technique of jazz dancing as well as the stylistic opportunities jazz provides dancers to share their personality. All of our jazz classes perform in our Annual Dance Festival! 

Tuesday 7:15 Teen Jazz

Tuesday 8:15 Senior Jazz

Thursday 6:15 Petite Jazz

Thursday 7:15 Junior Jazz



Lyrical is defined as dancing that interprets the lyrics of a song. Our lyrical class is based in the foundational technique of ballet while also exploring individual style and movements that help to express thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Dancers wishing to enroll in lyrical are required to also enroll in their corresponding ballet class. All lyrical classes perform a routine in our Annual Dance Festival! 

Tuesday 6:15 Junior Lyrical

Wednesday 6:15 Petite Lyrical

Wednesday 7:15 Teen Lyrical

Wednesday 8:15 Senior Lyrical



HipHop classes are a wonderful way for dancers to move, groove, and have fun! While exploring the intricate technique of hiphop, dancers will gain coordination, rhythm, and strength. Through our hiphop classes that meet for an hour once a week, dancers will learn how to step out of their comfort zone and show their personality through dance. All hiphop classes perform a routine in our Annual Dance Festival! 

Monday 6:15 Petite/Junior HipHop

Monday 7:15 Teen HipHop

Monday 8:15 Senior HipHop



Acrobatics is the perfect combination of contortion and gymnastics skills. Dancers will learn the technique and artistry needed to master the flexibility of contortion while also safely working through powerful tumbling skills. All of our acrobatic classes meet once a week for 60 minutes and include the necessary equipment and spotters so that all of our dancers are safe and having fun! Our acrobatic classes perform a routine in our Annual Dance Festival! 

Monday 5:15 Petite/Junior Acrobatics

Monday 6:15 Teen Acrobatics

Monday 7:15 Senior Acrobatics 



Our pointe program elevates our ballet dancers' technique and artistry through more advanced technical exercises in a safe and healthy manner. All pointe students must be approved by our directors in order to enroll in a pointe class. All pointe dancers must have several years of ballet experience and currently be enrolled in their appropriate level's ballet class. Our dancers safety and well being is our top priority, meaning dancers under the age of 11 are not permitted to enroll in pointe. 

Tuesday 7:15 Pointe 1

Tuesday 8:15 Pointe 2

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